Where Science Is Life and Service Is First

Femto Medical goes over and beyond to promise your laboratory gear defines all national and international criteria with our “on-site” service for pipettes, balances and machines, as well as centrifuges and pH meters. Furthermore, your laboratory may vessel all the equipment to your new state of the artwork ability with the quickest recovery amount of time in the industry. Femto Medical prides it self in providing the best quality at the most effective cost point.

Femto Medical can be proud to have many Nobel Treasure earning scientists as our esteemed clients. Femto Medical feels in providing high detail function and rapid service with complete satisfaction. Femto Scientific’s aim for in the last 25 decades would be to always exceed customer expectations. Femto Medical feels in the best level of quality, which explains why we’re a ISO 17025 licensed company.

Mission Record and Quality Plan

Femto Scientific’s mission is to offer qualified, immediate and accurate calibration solutions to scientists; to offer best quality laboratory tools and products. Femto feels in exceeding the customer’s objectives and we will go the additional distance to accomplish this.

Femto Scientific’s aim is to offer service that exceeds customers’ objectives and achieve complete client satisfaction while striving for constant improvement of the product quality administration system through ISO.

Femto Medical has become a happy person in BioNJ and part of their prestigious Buying Consortium

The BioNJ Buying Consortium is really a one-stop shop for the company’s needs. In conjunction with BIO, BioNJ is part of the biggest cost-savings program for living Science Lab industry with the purchasing energy of around 2,800 biotech companies addressing research-based living sciences companies and stakeholders. “Because Patients Can’t Wait”, BioNJ is specialized in propelling the rich advancement environment in the New Hat area to encourage and support advancement, improve and save yourself lives, and lower the hurdles of healthcare developments for society. Because the industry’s style in New Hat, BioNJ matches its mission by ensuring that: