How to Create Instagram Lead Ads

Do you advertise on Instagram? Want more leads? Instagram lead ads let you collect valuable contact information from potential customers without pushing them off of the platform.

In this information, you’ll discover how to set up lead ads on Instagram. 

#1: Select the Lead Generation Objective
To begin with with lead ads, produce a new ad campaign and select Lead Generation while the objective.

#2: Define Your Audience
Next, continue to ad set level to define your audience targeting. If you have existing lead/customer data, always use a lookalike audience. Upload your customer list to use as the foundation audience to create your lookalike audience. 

Using your customer list as the foundation audience will provide you with better results than merely using existing leads from previous marketing efforts, including people who have yet to operate a vehicle any real value for the business. People who’ve actually spent money with your company (rather than simply signaled interest) provide much stronger data for Facebook to work with.

It’s better still if your customer base is big enough to segment out a percentage of higher-value customers (e.g., repeat purchasers, high-spend purchasers, premium subscribers, etc.) to use as your lookalike source. Remember, though, Facebook recommends using a source audience of at least 1,000 users for best results.

Always exclude existing leads so you’re not wasting impressions and ad dollars. By continuously retargeting the exact same users, you can stimulate negative feedback, that may deflate your relevance score and hurt your CPMs (cost per thousand impressions).

Facebook now lets you create an audience of users who successfully opened and submitted a lead form, so you can dynamically exclude incoming leads. With all the leads, you will have to manually upload data to Facebook before excluding people. 

#3: Select Your Ad Placement
Under Placements, find the Automatic Placements option, because that only includes the Facebook news feed and instagram viewer anyway. Audience network and all the Facebook placements are ineligible. 

Although lead ads were originally rolled out simply for mobile, Facebook realized that advertisers face all the same obstacles on desktop too. Users are impatient, and making the method easier (by letting users submit their info in just a couple of taps) benefits both parties no matter device. By selecting auto placement, your ads will soon be delivered on both desktop and mobile.

#4: Set Your Bid
In your bidding, be sure you optimize for leads vs. link clicks. Link clicks may create a higher click-through rate but you should always optimize for what your true goal is, which can be simply leads in this case.

#5: Choose an Ad Format
Now you’re ready to proceed to the ad level. Leading end of the ad unit is the typical format for regular ads, with the exact same creative options available. A carousel ad that highlights the advantages of your service or product features/use cases can work very well here. Incorporating testimonials and reviews can be a good idea. Although video works well, a slideshow is an easier, cheaper alternative and Facebook provides simple tools for creating one.

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